How can I add listing categories as a filter in the sidebar?


I want to make the categories of my listings in the sidebar along with the attribute filters as a select dropdown. is that possible through a snippet?


Please make sure that Categories is not selected in Default Fields setting in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Search. Then it should appear in the listing filter form in the sidebar

Oh you’re a life-saver!! thank you so much.

@yevhen I’m super sorry… I have just one more question regarding this… that’s true it’s showing as a filter but I have only one category showing in the filter… any idea?

If it’s the only top-level category then yes, it’ll be displayed until selected, then it’ll show its child categories. In the current version, it works like a file directory tree, showing the full path of parent items and only 1 level of the currently selected item children.

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