How can I create a page that will contain a specific category listings from specific location

I always have the same problem with Wordpress.
I am an SEO expert and I need certain pages to promote them after a certain keyword.
Let’s say “Apartments in Barcelona”.
How can I create a static page with all the listings in the category “Apartments” and the location “Barcelona”.
Now it’s possible to have listings only by Category
for instance “Apartments”

/category /apartments/
and category location
for instance “Barcelona”
But is not possible to have listings: apartments + Barcelona
It makes no sense to create a site directory in a concurrent niche without this possibility.
if you will create such an extension or make it possible I am ready to pay for it and for this others will be ready to pay too.
You cannot create an SEO optimized site structure without such possibilities.
Thanks for your consideration

I have only seen such a possibility in theme Houzez.
You can create a custom page by display listings attached to different taxonomies.
It’s not perfect, but work.


Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in the listing block settings, but we plan to add more filters in future updates.

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