How can I create a two column layout on the submit-listing page?

Hi there,

how am I able to customize the layout (HTML markup) of

  1. the submit-listing page
  2. submit request page



If you mean splitting the forum into 2 columns this may require advanced customizations, but you can override any HivePress template this way Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

Hi, thank for helping out. I simply mean to make customizations on the submit-listing and submit-request pages, so on:

  • submit-request/details/
  • submit-listing/details/

See screenshot.

by the way, these templates are all I’ve got. In the video I see a lot more, so e.g. I can’t find one for submit-listing or submit-request

If you mean splitting the form into 2 columns (to show fields in both columns) this would require extra customizations, but creating a custom template in HivePress/Templates with 2 columns and placing form in the left one, while using the right one for other content is possible without any code changes.

Please check the template parts in wp-content/plugins/hivepress/templates, these are the default parts that can be overridden via a child theme.

Yes I mean splitting the form into 2 columns, so it’s more compact for desktop users. Where can I find the HTML Markup?

This would require CSS tweaks, e.g. targeting the form via CSS and setting its field widths to 50%, possibly adding margins and restricting this to desktop only screens.

Okay thank you. I know that it can be done via css, but is there a HTML markup somewhere or where am I able to change the order of the fields for example?

HivePress templates are implemented differently (we tried to make them 100% compatible with the WP block editor since the initial version), instead of plain HTML files each template is defined as an array of blocks, and each block has a type (some blocks have “part” type which means that these are template parts available in the templates folder, these can be overridden by copying to the child theme folder). So there are 2 ways to customize HivePress templates:

  • Copying specific template parts to the child theme folder
  • Adding custom code snippets for hivepress/v1/templates/{template_name} filter hooks, to insert new blocks, remove or move blocks in the template array.

Another way is overriding the template completely via the visual editor in HivePress/Templates, this is a recommended option if you’re not familiar with code snippets.

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