How can I edit, modify or delete field from my post a request form

need to customize all the form fields to my own requirements.

How can I do that? Screenshot by Lightshot
Screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot


If you mean modifying embedded fields, this will require additional PHP snippets. For example, using this PHP snippet Hide the images field in the request form #hivepress #requests · GitHub, you can hide the images field.

I need to delete and customize the following form field. Screenshot by Lightshot


As I wrote above, this is only possible with PHP snippets.

DO you have any detailed videos about all the functionality of the Translate feature?


To translate your website, please review this doc How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center

I didn’t mention that Andri. I need a detailed video guidelines


There are no detailed video instructions, as there are many strings in each plugin or theme.

in the mobile version how can i add the logo in my website. for mine mobile version is not looks good


By default, all our themes have a logo on the mobile version in the header and footer. You can add or change the logo in Appearance > Customize > Site Identity - this is for the header and the footer in Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Site (footer).

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This is my website blog page layout Screenshot by Lightshot

and Now how can I make make blog page layout like hivepress demo themes Screenshot by Lightshot


You need to disable all previous customizations that you made for your blog page, then everything will be displayed as in the demo, or customize it from the beginning to make it look like the demo version.

i didn’t do any customised before. can you tell me where I can disable this option,


Please provide more details on which option you need to disable and we will try to help.

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