How can I restrict vendor registration page access to admin users only

Now, our website’s vendor registration page can be accessed directly by entering the URL. However, if it continues like this, every user will be able to access this page.
What is the best way to restrict access to only admin users?
Alternatively, I would like to change the URL to something complex that only admin users know. How can I accomplish this?

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Please provide more details. Do you only have admins who can be vendors? If yes, you can add vendors through the backend, then you can disable the Allow submitting new listings and Allow direct registration features.

You can change the URL, but it will require a custom implementation.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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In my planning, Anybody can be vendor.
But I want to be able to Only admin user that registering of vendor’s can.
and I want to be able to register users when they register with the vendor.

But My understanding is that if registering on the WordPress admin page, It will be registered to the vendor, but not to the user.

And I’ve thought that to registering both, I need to access register-vendor and register at there.

Then, I came up with Only admin user can access register-vendor page or register-vendor URL change to Only admin user know complex one.

Can I add authority only admin.

How to Change URL customize is difficult?


Unfortunately, it can’t work the way you described. If you register through the frontend as an administrator, it will also be assigned to the current user.
If you want administrators to add vendors manually, the best option is to do it through the backend. If there is no created user, first add it through the backend in WP Dashboard > Users, then in WP Dashboard > Vendors, and select the user you created earlier.

I believe this will be useful to you.

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