How can import attributes?

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So far i understand how i can import the title and description field with the listing import feature, but i also want to import attributes. Do i need to install a different plugin for this?

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You can use the Import plugin, please check this doc How to set up and import listings - HivePress Help Center

Hi, Ive created quite a comprehensive csv file where I believe I’ve mapped the attributes to the database names, however your import extension, which I’ve paid for, does not map anything other than the category, description, title and image… all of the attributes are ignored… please advise?


Please note that you need not add a prefix to fields, just the attribute’s name. For example, if it is the Title attribute, then the file should have a Title column. So, please provide more details on which import extension you are using and what errors are displayed. What exactly does the import form look like (you can send a screenshot, it’s step 2 after you have selected the file).

Hi Andrii, I’ve been using your hivepress extension and also the free version of WP-All import. There are no errors, the data is just not imported… ? I suppose I need to buy the pro version of all-import to get the attributes to upload??


Unfortunately, we can’t help you with using a third-party plugin; I recommend contacting their support. Also, I recommend you use our Import extension, as field mapping is not required there.

I would like to use your plugin - I have already bought it but the attributes are not being uploaded… please advise what I need to do to get the attributes to upload?


Please provide more details on how you import listings (your steps step by step) so that we can reproduce the problem on our side.

I have the exact same issue.

Neither of my “Attributes” gets imported even though they have been mapped correctly.


Just found this link to the release notes: Import 1.2.0

I can confirm the bug " Fixed category-specific attributes" is still present. When I make attributes global, they will import just fine.

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Screenshots of my import screens during the import process using the hivepress import extension… (csv file as per previous screenshot.)

Thank you for reporting it. We need a little more time to check this issue. We’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

This is the only data that got imported - Name, photo, location and description…

Thank you for waiting. Thanks for reporting this. The bug is in the final stage of testing, so the fix will be released as soon as possible.


Can you provide an example import file?
When importing, no errors are displayed, but no data is added either.

There’s no specific sample file since each website has its own required listing attributes (only title, description, category and images are common details). There’s a know issue with category-specific attributes, please try testing import with global attributes and let me know if this issue persists.

On a new WordPress installation with global attributes, everything works, thanks.