How can we collect service fee for bookings paid via cash method

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1 How can we collect service fee for bookings paid via cash method?
2 How can we manualy modify a host ballance?



  1. Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, but in general, you can enable Direct payouts - with Direct payouts, only the commission fee is paid on your website. The rest can be paid in person or directly, depending on how users and vendors communicate.

  2. The balance is calculated as the sum of completed orders minus payouts and refunds (e.g., you can reduce the balance by adding a manual payout via the backend, but this will only work if the Manual payout method is enabled.).

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Hi, I have a similar scenario on experthive relating to collecting commission on cash only bookings. I understand that there is no such feature and that direct payouts need to be enabled but if the commission is paid on the website still how do you get vendors to then pay this? Do they have to pay it at the time when the booking is confirmed? Or does it add to their balance and I have to send them an invoice to pay?
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If Direct payouts are enabled, the customer cannot make a booking without paying the commission (the commission is paid online, and the cash is given to the vendor personally or as the vendor agrees with the client via messages).

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