How can we override the default template after creating custom template?

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okay thats not working. we need to get that box under showing…

It needs to be stretch all the way to the left and lined uup neatly with Birmingham and the right side of the box needs to remain where it currently is.

Note: Also if I wanted to shorten the location bar? How would I do that if II wanted to center it with the topics at the top?

Yes it seems you were on the wrong template. Once on the right template and you choose the right parts, then you can adjust by doing 1 column instead of two. Also, you can adjust the size by clicking on the icon on the top center (sorry forgot the name of it) then look to the block panel on the right & you will see you can adjust the size there.

Thanks for your cooperation. But maybe you are not understanding my issues. i have created the same template from the hivepress>template. now we need to know how we can use that custom template we created instead of the default request page template. I followed this tutorial and did the same
but no satisfactory results.
You told us we are choosing the wrong template can you please tell me how we can choose the right template so that it can work? or if you could provide us a video guide on this that would be really good.

Do you have a screenshot. I see better than I read. Like Before and after.

I think what Andrii mentioned is that you selected the request search form instead of the listing search form in the block (they are two separate search bars)

Go to the tutorial video at 0:13 he picks the listings template. Then after he picks the listing search form. You instead picked the request search form.

It seems that instead of at 0:13 in the video of picking listings template, look for requests template. They are two separate templates the listings and requests.

It seems you are using experthive which is a little different from mine…So the requests and listings templates make sure you pick the right one. I suggests to try both templates and see what changes it makes, so you can see which template you need to select. Then also make sure you are picking the correct search bar (as there is the request search form and the listing search form).

I am concerned about alignment of the location and the column. II need to move the column all the way to the left. Not the video

Thanks, Aqmiami7,
as you can here is what you suggested to me Screenshot by Lightshot

but still the same interface. the custom template doesn’t override the default template. One thing are you from the Hivepress support authority or a community member like me?

thanks again

No I’m not from hivepress but I’ve been using Hivepress for dev sites for a while now so got familiar with it at a near expert level. You can see who is from hivepress via the badges next to their pic.

Try changing on the bottom right where it says templates. Click that drop-down and look for requests. Edit that template instead of listings template that you are on now, and see if that works.

Btw I try and help the community here to also free the time of the HP devs, so they can continue to make the product better by adding more features, etc, so we can all benefit. :wink:

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