How do I add Vendor Image to the registration "complete profile" flow?

I’m using HivePress + JobHive, and am trying to build a simple registration form for Vendor users. The form is created, and I can add custom attributes to it… however, I can’t figure out how to add a Vendor image to the form. The JobHive demo shows it as a simple, easy-to-use image field with preview. However I have NO idea how to accomplish this – (and have been searching docs for literally hours)

Exact same question for the Vendor description field (basically, the “post content” for the hp_vendor CPT)

How do these fields get set during registration? I’m completely stumped…

I’m desperate – please, anyone??


The image field is added to the Complete Profile form by default, as you can see in the demo version. But, if you need to add this field to the registration form itself, it is possible, but it will require a custom implementation.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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Thanks for the quick reply – Can you think of any reason that the image field would NOT be showing up (along with the profile description / “post_content” field)?

I’m using JobHive, and in the demo version those two fields show up in “Complete Profile” form.

The only customization I’ve done is changing some of the slugs / translations. I’m so stumped…

ooooof… I feel so dumb.

I’m replying here in case this helps someone in the future, but @andrii I think I found the reason that they weren’t showing up. Found in functions.php:

	function( $form ) {
		unset( $form['fields']['image'] );
		unset( $form['fields']['description'] );

		return $form;

I added this a week ago for some testing and forgot about it. Yeah, THAT is why the fields are not showing up.

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