How do I assign permissions to Vendors / Customers

How do I assign permissions to vendors and customers?

I’ve tested and when a user signs up, they don’t have the choice to identify themselves as a vendor or customer.

I checked and a new user that registers is set up as a ‘subscriber’. I have no idea what this is, but I see in the website that as a user I can add a listing as well as add a request, or buy a service. This is very blurry across roles and I want to restrict vendors to listings and customers to making requests and buying services from vendors.

How do I sort this out so people register either as a vendor or a customer, and the features they access in the theme are properly aligned to their business needs.


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In HivePress users can indicate this in 2 ways:

  1. By adding their first listing via the Add Listing button in the site header. If the listing is approved, they get a vendor profile automatically, and the role is changed to Contributor.
  2. If you do not require vendors to have at least 1 listing, you can enable direct vendor registration in HivePress/Settings/Vendors, then users can register as vendors via the /register-vendor URL.

If you add at least 1 required vendor attribute in Vendors/Attributes users who want to become vendors will have to fill these details in any case.

I’m stuck with the similar problem, I can’t find the page to register as a vendor. First, I’ve turned on the Allow registration checkbox in the settings. Then, I’m on the registration page, still the same as a normal user registration, without any jumps or links to choose to become a vendor. Even if I enter the URL(Mysite/register-vendor or :Mysite/account/register-vendor), it says the page doesn’t exist. I don’t know how to find the Registered vendor page anymore. I searched the forums for question responses, which mentioned that the url can be accessed directly. But I only get my 404 page.

Please try refreshing permalinks in Settings/Permalinks section (select a structure with %postname%), then the /register-vendor URL should start working. If you added at least 1 required vendor attribute, there will be 2 steps in the vendor registration process:

  1. Regular registration form with basic details
  2. The Complete Profile form with vendor fields

Thanks :slight_smile:
I tried it again, and I seem to understand: after I register, I go to the “settings” page, and its url is not /register-vendor, but: /account/settings. If I save the complete vendor information on this setting page and submit it, the account will be updated to a Vendor. I’m a little confused, why everyone mentions “/register-vendor”, in my case, this link will only jump to the home page.

You can use the “/register-vendor” URL if the direct vendor registration is enabled and permalinks are refreshed, this URL can be added to the main menu (e.g. with “Become a Vendor” label) and the direct registration is useful if you do not require vendors to add at least 1 listing (otherwise users can become vendors by submitting a listing via the Add Listing button). If users added at least 1 listing and it is approved, they can also complete the vendor profile details in their account settings (the URL you mentioned).
Hope this helps.

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Hi Yevhen, I would like to do this too, but I dont understand this tread

If you require users to list something (at least 1 listing) before getting a vendor profile, then you do not have to change anything - HivePress works this way by default. Users who want to get a vendor profile can click the Add Listing button in the header section, and once you approve their first submitted listing they’ll become vendors.
You can also enable direct vendor registration in settings, then users can register as vendors via the /register-vendor URL, but please note that their page will be empty with “No listings found” message since vendor profiles show their listings by default.
Hope this helps.

Hi there, Im having the same problem. I have the Direct Registration box ticked but when the user signs in there is no option to become a vendor?

Can you please tell me where I can find this url? Thank you

I changed the top navigation labels to reflect the user experience, my site now has “Vendor Login” and “Customer Login”, because the registration page is only encountered the very first time. Every time after that, the user logs in with their credentials and is placed on their ‘profile’ page.

It’s soooo subtle for a first time visitor to have to guess and somehow correctly click on the OOTB top navigation link to be identified as either a customer or vendor.

Before I made the change, I gave my URL to people I know and they were totally confused and told me I should add a registration. Once I changed the labels, people understood EXACTLY where to go.

Not sure if my experience helps :slight_smile:

@AmandaB thank you for sharing your experience with this issue

@Vision If you activate the direct vendor registration then it is available via the “/register-vendor” URL, please try adding this URL to the main menu in Appearance/Menus section, for example, you can name it “Become a Seller”.

Thank you! That worked!

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