How do I change the picture on the main page in taskhive?

I can’t figure out how do I change the main picture in taskhive? write instructions, or something like that. Because I’ve dug through everything, and I can’t find a place to change this damn picture. Thanks in advance.

I’m talking about this picture. Screenshot by Lightshot

Please try to change the featured image of the home page in Pages section to change the image on your screenshot

do you have a screenshot on which page should i change it?

I see you have a Russian name, can we communicate in Russian or Ukrainian?

tell me how else to make the site header full width?

  1. Please edit the Home page and try changing the featured image in the right sidebar Screenshot by Lightshot
  2. If possible please post in English (e.g. via Google Translate) so questions/answers will be useful to others.
  3. Please try this CSS snippet
@media only screen and (min-width: 48em)
.header-navbar {
    margin: 0 !important;

Nah, I can speak English, more or less understandably. Just thought I’d find out. But okay, we’ll continue in English then.

Didn’t help to insert the css code, are there any other ways to make header to full screen height?

Screenshot by Lightshot - 1 time it worked, and there was an option to change the photo here. But now, that option is gone again. Is that a theme bug?

  1. If you mean header full width then please make sure that you have added a CSS snippet to Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS. It has been tested locally and it seems to be ok Screenshot by Lightshot

  2. Please check this topic Add blog post thumbnail | HivePress Support

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