How do I remove the multiple package options or reduce them to 1?


I am currently planing to launch with 1 free option only and later on add premium options with cost. How do I remove the “standard” and the “premium” options for now? Also, how do i change Limit Exced to available again?


You can remove unnecessary packages in the WP Dashboard > Listings > Packages section.

Also, you can adjust the listing limit in the WP Dashboard > Listings > Packages > “Your Package” section. There will be a field “Listing Limit”. But please note that the changed limit will be applied to new users only.

If you want to enable a “new limit” for the existing users as well, you need to delete your free package and create a new one with a higher “listing limit” or go to the HivePress > Settings > Listings section and allow multiple free packages.

Amazing, thank you!

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