How do you increase site speed

hey guys.

I just want to know how do u guys increase your website speed, do use any plugins is there anything that I can do other than using plugins.
I just need your tips and tricks

God Bless you all :v: :v:

Iā€™m using WpRocket for css and js reducing and good hosting with raidboxes with cashe so i get between 90 - 99 on pagespeed insights.

Also try to only use plugins that are really necessary as most of the plugins slow down your site

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Please check this article How to Speed up a Directory or Marketplace Website Built with HivePress | HivePress Blog We regularly test Litespeed with HivePress so it should be ok.

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also i would recommend to delay all not necessary js when loading the page, this boosted my pagespeed on mobile from 30 to over 90 even tho using adsense - Iā€™m using the perfmatters plugin for this

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thanks a lot saulleah193 for the help :v:

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