How do you redirect a new booking to a Hosts email address?

I’m currently onboarding a new Host and I can’t seem to see an option to add their email address so when a User makes a booking the request goes straight to their account?

The basic details like the email address, first & last name, profile description are set in the linked vendor’s user. Please make sure to add a separate user for each vendor, it’s required because when the user details are updated, they are always synced with the linked vendor. So if you edit the vendor profile directly and user saves their settings later, these details will be overridden (user details have a higher priority). You can create & edit users in WordPress/Users section (set the Contributor role for users meant to be vendors).
If you’re adding vendors manually the easiest way may be logging out and adding vendors via the front-end (if you enabled direct vendor registration in settings, then it’s possible to register via /register-vendor URL). This way a linked user, vendor profile, etc. will be created automatically via a single front-end form.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you ihor, much appreciated!

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