How does generate regions from locations work for requests

What happens if someone posts a request from a different region? do sellers get the notication aswell?

Yes, if you use the global “Notify vendors…” option in HivePress/Settings/Requests then all the vendors will get a notification. For more precise notifications, it’s possible to use Search Alerts - then customers or vendors can set their own search alerts (e.g. “requests for plumbing in New York with a budget range $500-1000”).

I looked at the search alert extension and I don’t think its the appropriate feature for what I need. If someone makes a request in New York, someone in Florida shouldn’t get the notification or make an offer on it. I don’t think the Search Alert do that, correct?

There are 2 ways to notify vendors about new requests:

  • Using the Notify option in HivePress/Settings/Requests. In this case all vendors will be notified if there are any new requests, regardless of the location. This option was added as a workaround before we added the Search Alerts support for Requests.

  • Using Search Alerts. In this case, vendors can set search alerts for specific searches. If a vendor sets a Search Alerts for New York, they will not get a notification about the request that’s posted with Florida location.

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