How does listing expiration work?

Thanks in advance for your help!

So after some testing I’m confused about how listing expiration works.

I had originally set the listing expiration to 30 days but I wanted to test and see what happened after a listing expires so I set it to 1 day.

After a couple days now there is no change on the listings themselves. None of them are expired.

I tried changing the publish date to a past date over 30 days on a few listings and they still display on the front end.

What is the actual trigger for the expiration date?

Is there a way to manually expire a listing?

Is there a way to rest the expiration date trigger?

I looked for docs on this topic and couldn’t find anything substantial that explains how listing expiration works.

Moving beyond standard listings, how does this work in context of Paid Listings? I have a setup where they can pay $5 per listing. It seems like the way it currently works is that they just have a one time fee and then the listing is listed forever? Or can the 30 day expiration apply to this paid listing as well? Such that they pay $5 per listing per 30 days and then the listing would expire and they would have to pay again to relist.

Moving beyond that, I was able to ti in with Woocommerce which has a subscription addon. Can we tie in the HivePress listings with the WooCommerce subscriptions product type so that we can have recurring payments on listing packages?

Thanks for your assistance!

Please provide more information. Did you set this date using the Paid Listings extension or directly in the listing settings?

If you set an expiration date directly in the listing, there may be a conflict with third-party plugins.
Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists.

Alright so for “free” listings that do not require any purchase, I have the listing expiration set in HivePress > Settings > Listings in the Expiration section > Dropbox Capture

This appears to be used to set the date on the single listing view in the Settings area > Dropbox Capture

However, I am not seeing any indication that the listing is expired once this date is past. For example, I posted a listing for today and then went and manually changed the expiration date on the listing to yesterday. But the listing still shows up just like any other listing on the front end of the site.

For paid listings, I do see the listing expiration set in the package details. Does this override the general listing expiration set in HivePress setttings?

So it seems there are two places to set the limit: HivePress settings for free listings and the Listing Package page for paid listings.

And then on the single listing view there is an option to change the expiration date. I would think that would override any of the other settings though right? That does not appear to be happening at all. Nothing I’ve done actually ends up with a listing being expired.

If you could give me a general overview of how it is supposed to all work together that would be great! I’m not fully sure I understand what “right” looks like here.

Thanks in advance for your feedback?

I would also like to know how these expiration dates work.


Sorry for the delay.

Please send temporary WP access to with details for reproducing this issue, and we’ll check it. You can create a temporary access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

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