How featured listings are displayed

HI all, i am considering moving to Hivepress from Directories Pro but have some specific requirements that I need to ascertain whether Hivepress can provide out of the box.

I have a directory site which lists businesses in a local town, I offer 3 different types of listing facility which provide the ability to add varying types and amounts of information to a listing depending upon whether the listing is a featured listing a standard listing or a free listing. When a user signs up to add a listing Does the software allow you to manage the facilities provided/displayed to a listing type based upon the type of listing signed up for.

I need to be able to control how listings are displayed, I have three categories of listing, featured, standard and free. Whenever listings are displayed I need the listings to be displayed Featured first, followed by standard listings and finally free listings. I also need to have listings within each of the categories displayed in a random order each time. Is this possible?

Being a business directory there are many types of businesses, is it possible to filter a search on business type without having to create attributes for every type of business.

If someone could advise on the above it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.


In this version, we have a featured listings feature, all listings that are marked as featured take the first 4 slots at the top of the search page, and they automatically change their order after each page refresh. That is, at the moment, there are tiers, these are featured and standard (which are displayed below featured). Adding other types of display will require a custom implementation.

that sounds great, can you expand upon 4 listing so that all featured display before the others?


Yes, there will be 2 slots by default, but you can set 4 or 6 in the settings. But please note that if you set 5 featured, 4 of them will be randomly selected for each page view. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all featured will fit, but they will receive views evenly across the slots.

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