How I can allow vendors reject/accept orders

Currently, when an order is placed by a buyer, the admin had to set the order status to processing so that it can appear on the vendor’s dashboard. I want the vendor to be able to see the placed order from their dashboard, and they can cancel or set the order status to processing.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Unfortunately, this is not possible if the order is paid for.
If you have an online payment, you can set the order to automatically receive the Processing status, meaning the order has been paid.

You can also enable the refund feature in HivePress > Settings > Orders.

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Thank you.

I have another question, on the vendor orders page, it only lists the orders marked as processing, what if i want to also list those which are pending payment? please assist.


This is how it works by default. Vendors don’t see unpaid orders.
They only display orders with the statuses completed, processing, and refunded, and unfortunately, this cannot be changed without additional customization.

Which file can i edit to display unpaid orders?


Unfortunately, there is no simple setup here, it will require a custom implementation and additional customization.
If customizations are required for your site, please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets Search · user:hivepress · GitHub and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work

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