How many total Registrations (customers+vendors) and Listings does your plugin support

I want to buy your entire package of HivePress and its extensions. However I have a few questions before I can plan forward, it will be great if you can address them.

  1. How many total Registrations (customers+vendors) and Listings does your plugin support. Is there an upper limit?
  2. Is Hivepress software with all its extensions scalable upto 500-1,000 customers+vendors? Will there be any bottlenecks?
  3. I plan to keep access to all Vendor Listings completely free. I only plan to charge the Customers to contact the Vendors by HivePress Chat/ Email. How can I restrict access to the Email/Chat until the Customers pay? ?


  1. There are no restrictions on our part, but please note that a large number of users can affect the performance of your site if it is not configured correctly.

  2. Yes, you can scale. There shouldn’t be any issues.

  3. You can try to use this extension Memberships - Charge users for viewing listings | HivePress Extensions

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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