How Membership Works

How Membership Works

For example, if I create a free plan and a paid plan membership, the free plan cannot post listings. Is it possible to limit the ability of the paid plan to post listings?

Is it possible to add memberships to taskhive after we have about 100 registered users?

Is it possible to set up a monthly subscription and credit card debit from the membership?

I am sorry to ask so many questions, but thank you in advance.

The Memberships extension implements a different monetization model, you can use it to charge regular users for browsing your site (e.g. hide some specific listing details and reveal them to members only, or specific pages). If you want to charge vendors for adding listings, you can try using the Paid Listings extension instead.

If a user subscribes to a membership and pays the first payment by credit card, is it possible to have the payment automatically deducted from the following month?

Unfortunately, there is no recurring payments feature in the current version, but it is on the roadmap

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