How the payment process for the order works

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The seller (host) has marked this as “delivered”. In my settings, the buyer (guest) does not have to mark manual completion.

So why is the payment still processing? Shouldn’t the payment already be completed? Please keep in mind that I am using the test credit cards on Woocomerce (not sure if that has an impact on this “processing” status)

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If you need hosts to do delivers, then please enable Require manual delivery in HivePress > Settings > Orders > Delivery (to require sellers to mark orders as delivered), or you can enable Require manual completion in HivePress > Settings > Orders > Completion and set one day in Completion Period, then all orders will be completed in one day.

Can payments go from “processing” to “completed” without mannual completion?

If not, is there a snippet that allows that?

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If you use bookings, please disable manual completion in settings, and remove the auto-completion period if set in HivePress/Settings/Orders, because Bookings will complete linked orders automatically when the booking end date passes. This way vendors get their earnings share only when the booking is over (so the service is provided).

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