How the username is generated

If I unclick the box “Generate username from the email address” in Hivepress > Settings > Users,
where will the user get their username?


If this feature is disabled, you must specify the username yourself.

I have my WP settings saved like this:

They have been set like that for a while (so not something I just checked/unchecked because I know that only saves the settings moving forward)

I used the Facebook Social Login to create a new user with an email address of “

The username displayed in the top right corner was obviously set by their email address even though I don’t have that checkbox set in Wordpress. The user has a first and last name in their profile, so why isn’t the top right corner of the site displaying that?


If you mean why the username hasn’t changed from the top right to the full name, it does change here, but thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into adding this feature.
This change in settings (first screen) is displayed, for example, in messages, reviews, or on the vendor’s page.

In the Social Login extension, a username is generated based on email with the addition of random digits if such a username already exists.

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