How to add custom attributes to search bar


You can add a custom attribute and mark it as Searchable, then it will show up at the main search bar.

It seems that this issue has already been resolved, but I lacked the knowledge to understand it.

Could you please provide specific instructions on how to mark it as searchable?
Please specify which items are relevant and need to be modified or added.


In your wordpress panel you’ll find a button listings>attributes.

Inside, find your attribute, and somewhere inside the settings for that attribute you will find a box you can check for indexing it into the search like so:

Your image suggest the desired attribute is a location, and you can treat this as a different type of information. You can just install the geolocation plugin from hivepress and it will become available in the search box, if I am not mistaken.

Geolocations are informations related to a listings but it’s not an attribute per se like the custom attributes you can add to your listing (for example: Color of a home, or Time Flexible for a service)

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