How to add custom vendor attributes

I would like to do exactly this. Can you help me to make my vendors appear exactly like this? I have no idea how to do it even if i read the topic


Please provide us with more details like screenshots and so on. What theme are you using?

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How do i get that secondary field total listings. Is it an attribute i can create or it needs coding?

And the services attribute. Can i link them to categories. How can i force a vendor to choose a category or create a category when they post a listing ? Or is it already there. Hivepress is so big but i believe i can get it working before new year. I am learning to customise it. I need the services field and total listings to show. I managed the languages but now i am getting a bit confused

Please let me know which theme you’re using. If you use RentalHive, you can simply start by importing demo content and get the same layout as on the screenshot How to import RentalHive demo content - HivePress Help Center If you use another theme, you can add these attributes manually in Vendors/Attributes and assign them to the Block (Secondary) area.

If you add at least 1 category in Listings/Categories, then selecting a category will be required in the listing form in any case.

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I am using experthive and i would like to know how to show total listings and services offered on the form. Secondary is fine. I understood all that but i am wondering how to have that calculated field ‘total services’ and ‘services’ to appear next to the profile as in the picture i uploaded. I have already websites for the other hives but first i need to get this working. Thank you so much.

If you have a valid ExpertHive license, please set the license key in the profile settings on the forum, this will add a Premium Support badge - it’s required for getting support for premium themes/extensions. Thanks for your understanding.

I have a license key and i put but it doesn’t show the star on profile

I checked the purchase, it seems that you disputed payment on the payment provider side, this triggered a refund and canceled your license. Please check the terms here Support Policy | HivePress

Fixed it now. I really need some help with my queries.

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