How to add hotel owners to the rental market

Hello, can you tell me if with the Rentalhgive topic I can have hotel owners upload their hotels with their respective rooms (understanding that the rooms are the listing or advertisement, as in, and if the answer is that it is not possible , then can you tell me how I add this functionality to my rental market in which I use the Rentalhive theme, or any compatible plugins.

Thanks for your contributions.


I recommend that your hotel owners register as vendors, and then they can add rooms as listings. And then use the attributes to book the appropriate rooms How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center.

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Hello andrii, I’m very sorry, but I didn’t understand when you say: “And then use the attributes to reserve the appropriate rooms.” If you could explain to me with examples, since I know how to create an attribute, but I don’t see how a hotel room can be reserved through an attribute.

In a response you gave to: redadowin, you said the following:
(If there are different room types, consider using a separate list for each room type and use hosts like hotels/guesthouses because it is not yet possible to manage availability separately for different types within the same list.
You must use the host/provider profile as the hotel/guesthouse profile and its listing as room types.)

I understand this last part perfectly, although I don’t see it as practical to upload a large number of rooms, but please explain to me when you say; (And then use the attributes to reserve the appropriate rooms)

Thank you

Hi, I think you are overanalyzing what Andrii wrote.

This is what I think he meant:

Have the vendor/host be the hotel owner.

Make the listing the hotel.

Then add a select attribute for room type. For example the size or type of room.

For price you can adjust it via extras. So make the standard price the listing price and adjust accordingly depending on type of room they select.

Another option is to make the vendor/host the name of the hotel. You can make the vendor/host page the search hotel page.

Then, make each listing the room types with the price amount. And this ties them all to the same vendor/host which is the hotel.