How to add new listings in different currencies?

Any suggestions on how to add new listings in several different currencies? I am using Marketplace and bookings. I want to run a multisite using wpml and i want vendors to be able to add listings in different currencies based on their location.Thanks


Please try using any popular currency switched for WooCommerce. Note that it will work for displaying different currencies, but checkout will be completed in the primary currency only.

Also, please check this topic Add multi-currency support - #11 by Soozi.

Hi @andrii , thank you but your answer is not helpful at all. The solution you sent me refers me to this answer. Have the option to display multiple currencies - #4 by yana

Unfortunately, this answer is not based on the same scenario as mine. In the above answer, the user does not use marketplace and the price is a custom attribute.

How can I achieve this in my case where the Price attribute is an in-built attribute from Marketplace?


You can try the Currency Switcher plugin. But please note checkout will be completed in the primary currency only.

Hi @andrii I am not sure if you understood me. I’ll provide further clarification. The objective is to enable vendors to include their product offerings in their native currency. For instance, although my website primarily caters to the US market and the website currency is USD, I also have global vendors. Therefore, a seller from Germany should have the option to create a new listing in Euros rather than being limited to USD.

Thanks for the details. Unfortunately there’s no such feature in Marketplace yet, but we’ll consider adding it. Currently all the commission calculations occur in the primary currency, so it has to be set in the Price field for every listing. You can use third-party currency switchers to allow users view prices in their own currency, but vendors have to set the primary currency amount anyway.

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