How to add price extras

Hi guys, im using RentalHive.

I have added an extra charge of an 11% User commission/booking fee for each transaction at the checkout stage through Woocommerce.

However when I make a practice booking, the 11% booking fee is only applied to the subtotal of the booking and does not calculate on the Extras per booking.


Cart totals

Subtotal = $35.00
1 x Pet = $30.00 (added extras)
Booking fee = $3.85 (it only calculates on the subtotal of $35.00)
Tax = $6.89
Total = $75.74

Is there a way to include the added extras to show up in the subtotal so the commission/booking fee is calculated on the $65.00?


Cart totals

Booking = $35.00
1 x Pet = $30.00
Subtotal = $65.00
Booking fee = $7.15 (calculated on the $65)
Tax = $7.21
Total = $79.36

Is there a way to do this?


You can enable Pricing Extras in the WP Dashboard > HivePress > Settings > Listings section. In that case, sellers will be able to offer extra services (e.g., “extra fast delivery”) for an additional price.

Hi, yes I know where to do this. I have added price extras through Hive Press, Settings Listings, however they do not get added to the subtotal of the booking, they are put on an extra line after the booking subtotal at the checkout stage. How can we include the extras to be added to the subtotal?
Not on a seperate line?

As when I apply a booking fee for the user, it only calculates on the subtotal and not the added extras that are on the seperate line.

I know RentalHive does not allow a commission to be applied for a user as of yet so I have created my own with an extra plugin to try it out.

I’m using ListingHive and I don’t have this option…(At least , I can’t see it)
I’m trying to use this feature to make the packages, since my site will only allow 1 list per vendor, i need to offer different paid attributes)


It can be displayed like this if you have selected the type of price extras “per place per day”, please try other types, for example “per place”.


The feature Price Extras is only available when you have the Marketplace - Allow users to sell listings | HivePress Extensions extension installed, this extension is not available in ListingHive the theme, you need to buy it additionally.

I guess I’ve missundestood the use…
What I want to achive is to use this feature to make the packages, since my site will only allow 1 list per vendor, i need to offer different paid attributes)
I mean… the site will be a directory of psychologist, and the listing (one per vendor) is what I’ll be ofering… the vendor block will be hidden,
So I for example I want to create a gold package thet will enable vendors to publish the whatsapp number (which is an attribute) and somethin lik that for each package
They will not sale anything , it’ll be that the listing will be used as their profile, instead of the vendor profile page

Sorry, there’s no such feature in Paid Listings at the moment, but we’re working on a new monetization extension that will have this feature available.

Thanks… cause my customer project is based on that, and I can’t move forward until this is ready.
Maybe, and I’m thinking a workaround , just a selector that says that the attribute is hidden(or shown) if vendor has x package active and not a fee per attribute… This would work for me and I think many of us who need this kind of monetization

Yes, it may be possible, but this requires a custom implementation.

Any guide or something to create that?

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, if you have a developer for custom work I can provide some general guidance - please let me know.

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