How to add “Sold” badge?

I don’t understand anything about programming, but I would like someone to help me add an option for the seller (advertiser) to set a ‘SOLD’ label to their ad, and consequently hide their WhatsApp number.
I don’t even know what a snippet is, please, someone with images or a video of this step-by-step

Hi, I am no staff but looks like your best bet is to hire someone who can help you. There is no way you will be able to customize any wordpress theme with no basic undestanding of programming.

Said that, I will try help you a little:

  1. All visual stuff you see in the editor are just visual representations of code.
  2. your entire website is multiple documents of codes
  3. snippets are bits of code that you insert in some of those documents to achieve certain customization you cannot achieve with the visual editor.
  4. Generally these snippets are inserted in the document functions.php written in PHP language, I personally use WPide plugin to do this
  5. Other places where you can put snippets is in additional css section in the theme “customization“, which have to be written in CSS.
  6. Some other snippets I have written to place in specific pages in html, javascript and or CSS.

Snippets are just extra code to achieve something in some documents.

Find a friend who can teach more closely, hire someone or just expect a very steep learning curve. Once you get html, css and other languages integrations, you’ll see faster learning.

About your sold thing, well, I have no idea how exactly to do it but :

  1. you can add an attribute using the wordpress admin panel to save as sold
  2. you add a snippet to show some code for every sold listing shown, I believe in the listing block section
  3. you have to write the code for what’s being shown.

uff sorry, long post reply. I hope it can give you some light.


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. Please check this topic How can you mark a listing as sold? - #9 by ihor

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