How to add text on this postion?

Hello, I would like to add some text to the position in the image…

something like: “To feature your list, click on the star icon”

Is it possible? also, can i change the icon? for example, the same as when a list becomes featured? like this one.

feature icon
Gray before it is featured, and colored after it receives the feature status just like the stars?



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  1. There are two possible solutions:
  1. It is possible but requires advanced customization. Thank you for your feedback, this makes sense to highlight this link to avoid confusion - we’ll consider adding this feature

Hello @yevhen

I am trying to create a new template for the Listings (Edit)

Please, what are the names of hivepress blocks that are on those 2 postions? thanks

Please follow these instructions to override this page’s template How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center Once the editor is refreshed, you can use blocks from the Template block category to fully re-create this layout or customize it (e.g. use the Menu and Listings blocks with Pagination).

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