How to add tiers to listings

Any idea why the Hive listing theme gets spoiled as soon as I purge the cache?

Also, I am trying to add delivery time to the tiers but cant find “code attached to the tier” . Is the tier section attached to the theme? Where can I find the code related to the tier?


Please elaborate on what you mean by “gets spoiled”? Kindly provide us with more details.

Regarding tiers, please check this doc: How to add pricing tiers - HivePress Help Center

Hope this helps.

Hi Nikita,

The question was about how to modify the tier section. The tiers currently have 3 columns (title, price and description) I want to modify the code sipnet to include a 4th column called delivery time. So far I have not been able to locate the backend code supporting the tier section so I can make required modification. Any idea how to go about this?

Unfortunately there’s no easy code snippet for this, adding another detail to each tier and displaying it on the listing page would require a custom implementation.

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