How to add vendor profile fields

Hi! I need your help with custom fields in it. Can you please explain how to add info like email, phone no, locations, website, bio sections and social links in it?I tried to add email with field type email,also number with field type number but it’s not displying at profiles.

I don’t know well about custom.Please help me.

Hi! When you make the Vendor attribute, you need to select where it will displayed. I recommend select “Page (primary)” and then, place this, into the “format field” %label%: %value%

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Thanks a lot. Now I’m facing some issues like when I register with a new email and after registration, it takes me to complete the listing/fields that we set. When I input all the information and click to save it then it doesn’t show on the listing page. What’s this issue?


Please make sure you add a display area for these attributes, for more details, check out this doc: How to add vendor profile fields - HivePress Help Center