How to allow users to embed other listings to a listing of other category?

Can I allow users to embed listings to another listing? If yes then how can I do this?

Please share more details about the required functionality, do you mean allowing users to embed another listing’s block into their listing description?

Allow other listings anywhere, In the description, or any other place.

I tried the embed attribute and it allows embedding by URL. I tried to add the URL of the listing but it just shows the title of the listing, not other info like image, etc.

Actually, I want to allow users to select their listing from the list and embed it on the page of a new listing which is of a different category. Is this possible easily, with a little coding?

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this, this would require a custom implementation. In the current version you can embed listings into any page content in WordPress/Pages using the Listings block.

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