How to allow users to filter products by brand?

I’d like users to be able to filter by brand but only be given options to select/choose from that are available/listed. e.g. Used skis classifieds directory… 3 listings are available and brands of these listings include rossignol, volcom and K2. I want users to be able to select from only these brands (and not others such as salomon as there are no current salomon listings). I also want to avoid having to create a database/group of options with all the possible ski brands out there because a) that would be tedious and b) the user listings could spec the brand and have it automatically added to the options to select from and c) avoid having 100 brand names to choose from when possibly only 10 brands have listings

What combination of attribute options/settings would I need to accomplish this?

You can create an attribute with multiple options in Listings > Attributes and save this attribute. After that, click Edit Options and add those options. Also, mark this attribute as Filterable.

Also, you can try a workaround, use the extension Tags, and use them as a search filter. In Loco Translate, you can rename Tags to Brands.
Please note that here you will need to keep track of the tags that users create.

P.S. Unfortunately, there’s no such feature for new users to “add new options” to attributes you will need to add them manually.

Thank you for your reply, will give both options a try and see which is best. The Tags idea sounds promising!

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