How to assign pre-created listings to a new package

Hi, this might quite complicated but i believe your team can help me figure it out.

I just using the paid listing feature recently. But before that, all my 200+ vendors had already publish their listing on my website. Then, i had created FREE and PREMIUM package where the FREE package allowed only 5 listings and have expiry date after 14 days.

What happen to the listings that had published before i created the packages? Can I categorize them under the FREE package (which will expired after 14 days) until they buy the PREMIUM package? and how to do that?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to assign to existing packages, as this is only accepted for new listings and renewals. As a workaround, you can specify an expiration date for the listings, then when it expires, the vendor will need to publish them and thus purchase the package.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you for the suggestion. Another question, after the listings had expired, will the media/document deleted automatically and permanently from my wordpress storage?

I understand but seems like i need to specify the expiration date for each listings one by one.

Can i do in bulky way like changing their listings status to “pending review” then change it back to “publish”?

Would this method make as if the listing is newly uploaded and automatically categorize under Free package?


If you set the Storage Period in HivePress > Settings > Listings, then after this time the listings will be deleted. You do not need to set an expiration date for listings if they have already been added.