How to ban users

What is the best and simpliest way to ban (block) user? If somebody posts spam messages or prohibited materials.
Read-only mode will be enough.

why not simply deactivate their account in WP users?


As a site admin, you can delete users in WordPress/Users, or use third-party plugins that allow switching users to read-only.

I had tried this but user still can add listings

Thank you for your answer.
I installed few plugins for members management and blacklisting but none of them can help me. Users still can register and post.
Maybe you can recommend me some approved plugin?

Sorry, we don’t have a specific recommendation but any plugin that supports WordPress users should be ok since HivePress uses the WP user management system.

I tried

  • CM E-Mail Registration Blacklist
  • Ultimate Member
  • Ban Hammer

Anything doesn’t work for me. Blocked user can registrate and publish listing anyway=(
It looks like Hivepress ignores WP and plugins lists during user registration…

We use the core WP functions for logging users in, if some plugins use the “wp_login” hook to validate users it should be ok hivepress/class-user.php at master · hivepress/hivepress · GitHub but we’ll try to test this further.

Solution: install this plugin Prevent Password Reset – WordPress plugin | , prohibit password change for user and change his password from WP.

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Thanks for posting the solution!

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