How to block dates in the calendar?

is there any way the vendor can do restrictions on the calendar for booking?, like blocking the date or month (blackout date) which is not available to book as it’s a seasonal product? not blocking the calendar globally like what it is right now but only on each product/page which is the seasonal time period product listing.

Yes, it’s possible if vendors select dates in the calendar by clicking and dragging the cursor and then click the Block icon at the top (blocked dates will be displayed in red). Also, if there are time-based bookings, then week days can be restricted in the listing form.

Hi Ihor,
Thank you for your response. how we can display the calendar on every pages/product? that we can do blocking the date as not available to book as mentioned above. As we got now, the calendar only shows up in the setting area, not on every page/product.

The calendar tab appears on the listing page if it’s currently viewed by the listing author (vendor), so it’s possible to switch to this tab and manage dates. Also, as a site admin, you can manage a calendar for any listing in WordPress/Listings section.

Hi Ihor,
I could not find the calendar tab as you mentioned above. Please have a look at the SS attached. The calendar is shown on the SS for the global setting (could not create a blackout date on a specific page) I’ve tried to block the date on the calendar but it’s affected to all products which are not what we want. what we want only on the specific page / product to create a blackout date.

Please make sure that “per vendor” mode is not enabled in HivePress/Settings/Bookings. If this option is checked, then there’s a single calendar per vendor (not per listing), this prevents booking 2 listings of the same vendor for the same time (it’s useful if vendors are persons offering services, so they can provide only 1 service at once).

Hi Ihor, Thank you very much for your help. Case closed with excellent result. You were right we did checked the Manage availability per vendor, now, after we uncheck we can do the blackout date per product / per page. once Thank a lots.

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