How to calculate price based on a custom attribute value

I would like to set the value of a listing’s ‘Price’ based on the value inputted by a user for ‘Displayed Hourly Rate’ (displayed_hourly_rate).

I’ve tried the following code with no success, based on this post: Calculated Attributes

	function( $listing_id, $listing ) {
		$value = $listing->get_displayed_hourly_rate() * 1.1;

		if ( $listing->get_price() !== $value ) {
			$listing->set_price( $value )->save_price();

The code snippet seems to be ok, please try debugging this using error_log, checking variables and conditions. If it’s a custom attribute, there may be an easier way if you just rename the Price field to Hourly Rate, if there’s no other reason for syncing Price with another attribute.

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