How to change categories filter type

How can I change the Categories filter in the front end from radio buttons to checkboxes?

These are default categories.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this because many functions rely on a single category selection, and the category filter is hierarchical (child categories would be hidden or broken when switching to a plain list of checkboxes). For example, if you have category-specific search filters they would be mixed within the same filters form.

:thinking: As I can remember this option was enabled by default on my website 2-3 months ago and I was very satisfied with it. After new updates, It changed from checkboxes to radio buttons. Did you change any code in the new updates?

There were no changes, it has been displayed as Radio Buttons since the initial version. Maybe there was a custom PHP snippet? I can share the snippet to change this but there’s no guarantee it’ll be stable because there are search functions that rely on a single category selection.

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