How to change category order

I have just started trying out Hive and the first job is creating categories.
I have created 8 categories with some subcategories but have run into a problem.
The default category listing seems to be alphabetical.

I have completing the Order boxes, but this seemed to have no effect. The only way I can get the
order list required is to place numbers in front of the category name.

1 First category

2 Second category
Not a good idea not very pretty.
Has anyone any ideas how I may be able to the order required please.
Many thanks


Please provide more details on which page the order change for categories is not displayed and we will try to help. Also, if you have set the order for categories in Dashboard > Listings > Categories and the changes are not showing up, try clearing the cache and disabling it for logged-in users.

Thanks andrii for your quick response,

I removed the numbers I had placed before the category and the problem has now disappeared.

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