How to change price format

Hi there,

I’m still having problems displaying the “per hour” text for where the price is displayed on Listings. I was told to install Snippet Plugin and enter the following code:

function( $fields, $listing ) {
if (hivepress()->get_version( ‘bookings’ ) && hivepress()->booking->is_time_enabled( $listing->get_id()) && isset( $fields[‘price’] ) ) {
$fields[‘price’][‘display_template’] = ‘%value% / per Hour’;

	return $fields;


This was completed and then the code snippet was added into the Price Attribute within Listings but it’s still not displaying the text or had any effect on what’s displayed - please see screenshots attached.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Sam.

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Please refer to this topic Changed Price per Day to Price per Hour but it’s not working