How to change site icon

  1. When I am on the add an ad page or on the my ads page, the title hero is displayed as the title of the last post. How to change it?

  2. I also have a problem with the favicon. Hivepress changed it to its default however I want the favicon to be from my theme.

  1. IDK maybe a custom code or something.
  2. If you installed a caching plugin (some have their own image optimalization), or image optimization plugin, it can re-generating your images, and convert to .webp format, etc. so try to upload again your favicon with a different name as the original, and try.
  1. Other page titles are displayed correctly, such as categories and individual ads.

  2. Chrome doesn’t see the favicon, firefox does.


  1. This is most likely caused by a conflict with third-party SEO plugins, try disabling SEO plugins and check if everything is working correctly.

  2. Please note that our extension does not affect the display of the favicon in any way, it is all settings on the WordPress side. You can change this icon in Appearance > Customize > Side Identity, and also make sure that you disable the cache for logged in users and clear it.


  1. I don’t have any SEO plugin.

  2. I don’t have cache enabled for logged in users.


Then I recommend that you check out the WordPress documentation in more detail, as this is a WP-level setting. Locally, everything changes, so there may be issues only on the part of your site, third-party plugins or customizations How to set WordPress Favicon | Site Icons | Support.

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