How to change the booking time format

Hi, I purchased the booking extension and unfortunately it seems to work only with the English time system (am/pm). As many European countries (and I am from Europe) use a different system (the 24h system, for instance, 3 pm is 15:00), it would be nice for me to let my users use that system, as many people from my country don’t know the difference between am/pm and are not used to that system.

Is there a way to change the time system with the booking extension? I really hope so…


It should follow the time format set in Settings/General, please try changing it there.

The timezone is correct. But what I mean is that although I have a European timezone the Experthive site still follows the am/pm system and not the 24h system, which is a problem because in my country nobody uses am/pm…


Please try to change the time format in Settings > General, as shown in the screenshot Awesome Screenshot then, you must have a 24-hour format when booking.

Hi, I might have a different version of the admin panel since the Time Format is not displayed in Settings>General but Settings>Writing. I am glad that I solve this issue though thanks for your support!

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