How to change the format for price attribute in the listings section

I want to update the text from night to day, but it’s not changing.
It works on my test website, but not when I try to save it on my live website.

This is a fixed day or night value and I think it should be editable and allow us input custom values like per hr, per service, per sqm, per ft etc
Also the price is by default a required field, I think this shouldnt be so

Actually, I found the cause of the bug. When I activate the marketplace plugin, I cannot format the price attribute in the listing section.

Yes, sorry for the confusion - when you use Marketplace it adds a built-in Price field and any custom attributes with the same name are ignored. Please try changing this format via Loco plugin, this is the easiest way How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center

Can you tell me where and what variable to change? I can’t find anything if I search for “day” or “night” in the plugins with the Loco Translate.

Please check these strings in Loco/Plugins/HivePress Bookings, they should be available there since these strings are specific to the booking functionality.

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