How to change the "List a Property" button link

Me Again.
Can you help me to change the link when i click on the red button on the top right corner?
the Submit listing button.
i want to add a custom page url to the button, and from that page, i will then forward the users to the submiting page.
Thank you

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Overwrite the button template part with a child theme.
  2. Add a PHP snippet redirecting to the listing submission page.

Thank you Andrii!!
If i may bother, but can you help me with detail?
i have basic knowlage of snippets. and i use some on my site.
but never used a chiled theme.
if you could explain to me what child theme should i use, and write me a snippet i will be gratfull to you

If you create and copy template parts in this child theme, you can customize this button link.
Please check this tutorial - Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube.
Hope this helps.

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i truly tried my utmost best, but i couldn’t change the link, can you please give me a snippet, or make a video?
sorry for bothering all of you, i have a lot to learn, and i am a quick learner :smile:.

Sorry - customizations are beyond our support scope, but we can provide some general guidance. To customize this button, you can copy the /hivepress/templates/listing/submit/listing-submit-link.php file to a child theme’s “hivepress” subdirectory, preserving the file path, and this file will override the default one. You can then customize it in any way.

Hope this helps.

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