How to change URL of the Feature Listing link?


When editing the listing details, there is a “Feature Status” product that can be added. There will be a star icon to click and make payment.

How to change the url for the star icon, so that when the user clicks there is a redirect to a sales page before wocommerce cart?

for example, after click the user is redirected to:

I would like to explain better the service after the user clicks the star icon.

Wocommerce allows you to change the url but it keeps the shop structure for the page.

Thank you


The easiest way to do this is to override the link template part via a child theme, if you copy and customize it then the template part from a child theme will be used. Please note that further customizations may be required if you want to add a Feature Listing button or link for this specific listing on a third-party page.

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