How to check vendors balance


I’m after marketplace tests.
we made test orders through the payment gateway and transfer.

the whole process from each side of the buyer and seller.

in the woocomerce panel, I can see the data and orders made by the Buyer, but I do not know where to find, as an admin, orders completed by the user who added and sold the ad.

this is necessary for the EU DAC7 directive.

Please send more details about the issue, do you mean filtering orders by vendors instead of users on the back-end?

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as a website administrator, I can see the report and the list of customers and their orders.

I would like to get the same supplierinformation.

How to find out how much a given vendor has completed the order and how much money he has earned?

screen of the report where I entered the name of the test client. showed all orders. how to find the vendor who added the listing



You can view the vendor’s balance in WP Dashboard > Vendors (this information will be displayed in a separate column). It is not yet possible to filter orders on the backend by the vendor (only to check each order), but thank you for the suggestion; we will consider adding this option.

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