How to choose which payment methods are available for listings and paid listings

We want Vendors to be able to pay to submit listings with card payments when they go to the basket.
But we may not want the card payments option to show in the basket for users when they are buying a service and instead only offer escrow or cash on delivery options.

Is there a simple way to choose which payment options we want to display in checkout when paying for listings and to display in checkout when buying services.

e.g. Checkout paying for a Listing would display and allow ONLY Credit/Debit Card payments.
Checkout paying for a Service would display and allow ONLY Cash on Delivery and Escrow.


Unfortunately, we do not have such a function. I recommend checking out WooCommerce plugins that allow you to restrict the payment method per product so that you can restrict the Paid Listings package product.

Hi Andrii
Thanks for the info.
OK. So we have found a restricting plugin (free for what we need).
It works perfectly well.

Anyone needing this functionality here are the details.
It has exclude and include by product type which makes it very easy to do what we needed.
Conditional Payments for WooCommerce by

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