How to collect a deposit

I’ve set up the Rental Hive system with liatings and all. It looks great!

My question is, how do I collect a deposit as part of the booking process?



Could you please clarify what you mean by deposit?

  1. Do you want to collect a part of the booking price in advance (e.g., 20% when making a booking and the rest in person)?
  2. Do you want to collect a security deposit that will be returned after check-out? If yes, then the Marketplace extension has a built-in security deposit feature. It charges a custom amount on top of the existing booking total.

That is exactly what I want to do. I want to collect a percentage when making a booking and the rest in person. The security deposit is non-refundable. How can I get this accomplished?


Please check out the solutions suggested in this article

Perhaps I was not clear in my question so I will try again.

I have HiverPress with Rental hive set up. I also have WooCommerce set up. When a visitor books a site, it does not takes the visitor to a payment page. It merely confirms the booking. I need to be able to collect a deposit. I understand that the plugins that you referred me to will allow me to collect the deposit, but it will not happen until I can get to a payment page. I do not see any products in WooCommerce, even though I have 55 listings.


Please make sure that the Marketplace extension (it was included in your purchase email) is installed and activated. The Marketplace extension is necessary for creating orders and as result, users will be redirected to the checkout page each time they book something on your website.

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