How to create attribute value based title?

please guide with this example…
if attributes and values are as below.
food: Chinese
sitting: open air
Parking: free

auto generated listing title should be as
''A Chinese restaurant with open air sitting and free parking"

It’s possible if you set the title format in HivePress>Settings>Listings>Display section to depend on the attributes’ names (you can edit the attributes in Listings>Attributes and check their Field Names). For example, you can set this format:

A %listing.cuisine% restaurant with %listing.sitting% sitting and %listing.parking% parking

Please note that if some of the attributes are optional or don’t match the flow of this sentence, it may not work well (i.e., there’ll be an empty space if some attribute isn’t set). After you set the title format, try re-saving one of the listings or adding a new one.

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