How to customize emails for different events

Hi - I’m seeking to improve the email marketing from my site. I’d like to have automated emails setup for when users complete different events. For example, I’d like to setup emails for the following:
-Welcome email when someone joins the site
-Update email when someone has received an offer on a request
-Confirmation email when a request is posted
-Notification email when they receive a message

Is there a way to edit and customize these emails without any plugins? If not, what plugins are recommended and easy to setup to build in this capability? Please let me know!

You can customize in hivepress/emails

Yes, please try following these instructions How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center

Thanks both! I will check that out. Is there any recommended email marketing software if we want to integrate that as well? We were looking at MailerLite but wanted to see if there was a preferred option for integrating with Hivepress first.

For transactional emails (e.g. sending notifications) you can try using any service of your choice, e.g. Sendgrid. For collecting the newsletter list, please try using Mailchimp since we support MC4WP plugin, it adds the subscription checkbox on registration.

Thanks! I enabled the HivePress integration, but there is still no registration box on the register form. Are there additional steps I need to take?

Thanks for reporting this, there seems to be a bug with the Mailchimp checkbox visibility, we’ll release a quick update for this.

thanks! Do you know when that update will be released?

Yes, it’s planned for this weekend.

Hello, is the mailchimp issue solved? thank you

Sorry for the delay, it’s not yet - we planned to pack a few more fixes in the next update, but it should be released within 1-2 days.

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@ihor thank you

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Any updates Ihor? Just writing here because I am also interested. Thanks

Yes, if you mean Mailchimp integration this issue should be resolved in the recent versions - if you enable HivePress integration in MC4WP plugin a checkbox should appear in the registration form.

Which registration for do you mean? When users register they get a confirmation email but there is not registration form to be filled in. Do you mean the profile setting form? If you mean this last form, I do not see any field added up after the activation of Mailchip MC4WP. I activated the registration form in the integration window of the plugin

and I completed the setup of the registration form in mailchip as you can see

however still I do not get where subscribers should get this field to check.


Please check if there’s a HivePress integration in this list, the one on the screenshot is related to the built-in WordPress registration form, not to HivePress forms. If there’s a HivePress integration and you enable it, this will add a “Subscribe to…” checkbox to the HivePress registration form on the front-end.

Yes, I found it and it works. However there is no box when using the social login. I suppose this can not be changed, can it?

Yes, unfortunately there’s no Mailchimp integration with Social Login yet but we’ll try to integrate it (in a separate form after the redirect or using the same checkbox).

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